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Anne Taintor has been making smart people (and you know who you are...) smile since 1985! Here you will find all her fabulous products, delivered with the quirky, contemporary humor and retro graphics that you love.

Have fun shopping... and thank you for letting us make you smile.

Featured Products:

someone has to set a bad example

make your own damn dinner

did somebody say "open bar"?

on second thought... let's get drunk and order pizza!

Canvas Prints:
stop me before I volunteer again

the only thing left to polish off now is the gin

News from Anne Taintor Inc.

Anniversary Shopper Fundraiser for Global FUnd for Women

Last year's 25th Anniversary Shopper, featuring 32 of Anne's favorite images, raised nearly $20,000 for Global Fund for Women.

Who Knows What Smart Women Think? We bet you do! Now YOU have the chance to suggest your own droll, waggish captions!

Make your smart phone a smart-ass phone with these free wallpapers. Available for most phone dimensions.

Anne Taintor is the Original Vintage Humor Company